Our Products

Our Products

Edfords Care Farm is a non-profit making organisation in Mautby, Norfolk. Our day to day business is to offer green space therapies to those living with mental health conditions and/or learning difficulties as well as local special educational needs schools. We have a vegetable garden, and outdoor kitchen and a range of rare breed animals, we teach our visitors to get involved in all aspects of the farm and also teach them how to prepare meals from the produce we’ve grown together.

Keeping and Breeding rare breed animals is a large part of what we do here and by doing so we have an end product and our supply of this is more than we require to run the farms kitchen 4 days a week. Below are details about our animals, why we keep them and the products we have to offer from them.

Why Rare Breeds?

We are passionate about ensuring the future of breeds once forgotten by a meat industry obsessed with universal cuts looking the same to meet consumer demand, we believe the consumers requirements have altered and the desire for quality and assurances on welfare now come higher on many peoples priorities. So if we are looking for the quality of product and higher welfare why not rare breeds?

The rare breeds we keep need help and in a bid to save them we need to use them and what else do we use pigs and sheep for? At Edfords we keep registered rare breed stock of Large Black Pigs, Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs, Boer Goats and the Jacob Sheep (The Jacob is a success story as the once vulnerable breed is now thriving with over 3000 breeding animals in the UK) but you may be wondering how we save them by eating them.

In order to help the breeds we are passionate about we need to ensure that the future breeding programme is filled with the very best animals we have available, when we have piglets and lambs we ear mark the best to be sold on for breeding, we hope to inspire others to take on these breeds as the more of us who are taking care of a handful of pigs the better the breeds will do and over the years we should be able to raise the number of native rare breed animals which in many cases have come so close to extinction.

So this brings us to the end product, by selecting the best for breeding there are inevitably those that didn’t make the standard required and this is where our products come from and although they may not have been good enough to keep in the breeding system these are still the finest rare breed animals offering a meat full of flavour, the difference between commercial pork or lamb and rare breeds is surprising at first after all they’re both pigs and sheep but the natural way of raising a pig is where that difference really comes in. Our lambs are born and raised outside and finished on grass they are of course all different and when you work with rare breeds they don’t all finish at the same time but most will be born in spring and we keep them on for a year, to produce hogget as we believe it offers a beautiful flavour a step up from Lamb.

Our pigs are also born and raised outside, we never use crates, nose rings, tail docking. They live a free natural life in the woods and are welcome to dig, roll in mud and during sunny weather spend a lot of time sunbathing.

Our goats are also raised outside and spend their time in the wooded area they live enjoying browsing hedgerows and generally living the most natural life we can offer them.

Our animals are well looked after as you would expect from a care farm, we are interested in what is best for both our visitors and our animals and especially want the school groups who come here to understand why animal welfare is so important not only during their life but also after.
If you are interested in buying meat directly from the farm please contact us and we can discuss what we have and when the next meat boxes will be available.

If you are a commercial business interested in meat from Edfords, we are unable to compete with the large meat providers you are likely to be using but we would like to suggest that when we do have product available you may consider having a special or two on the menu using local rare breed meat, the food miles are minimal as they don’t leave Norfolk for any of the process and can be delivered to you. We can send you whole or half carcasses for your own butchery or we can have it cut to order.

Our Pork products will come to you with an accompanying certificate authenticating that the meat comes from a pedigree pig.

If you would like you are welcome to visit Edfords to see our animals and how they live, if it’s between September –March we’d recommend you bring some wellies!


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Our Products

Edfords Care Farm is a non-profit making organisation in Mautby, Norfolk. Our day to day business is to offer green space therapies to those living wi…

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