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Product Description

Every month Edfords will offer a new meat box, these will be a limited supply. These boxes will most likely offer a selection of our products to give those who have never tried our products before a chance to try a variety of what we have to offer and for those who already love our products a chance to get a little of everything.

As with al our products they will be packaged using our compostable trays and for those being shipped will be sent out in our temperature controlled Woolcool boxes which are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

January/February 2021 is a mixed pork box containing a variety of our most popular pork cuts, these come from our long lived Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs which were born and raised as free range pigs here on our farm where they lived for more than twice as long as a commercially raised pig. During their lives at Edfords they were given ample space to roam and fed using a pig feed which is free from any GM ingredients as well as being soya and palm oil free, they were never given any medications through their lives which is standard practice here at Edfords, pigs living outside in a free range environment rarely fall ill.

Mixed Pork Box

1 x Free Range Pork Joint (avg1.2kg)

16 Original Pork Sausages

8 Black Pepper Sausages

4 Free Range Pork Chops

2 Free Range Belly Slices

500g Diced Free Range Pork

12 Rashers Unsmoked Back Bacon

12 Rashers Smoked Back Bacon

£50 Delivered

While we prefer to sell our products fresh it’s not always possible as a small farm so your meat box may be frozen but don’t worry our boxes will easily keep them frozen while they’re in transit.

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