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Curing & Smoking is a course designed to teach you how to preserve meats in a variety of ways which add flavour to a wide range of products which you may well be raising yourself or buying from a shop.

This course is a great stand alone course as well as being an ideal follow up to our pig in a day course, we will be looking at the processes involved and how they work to preserve the meats, during the day we will use a variety of techniques including dry curing, wet curing, hot smoking and cold smoking, you will learn how to make cures which can be used to create bacon, hams, chorizo, salami and a variety of other products and you will leave at the end of the day with a handful of recipes to get you started as well as something you have made on the day.

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You don’t need to keep livestock to produce some beautiful cured meats at home everything we show you can be replicated at home and we hope this course will give you the knowledge to confidently create your own flavours so you can make food you love.

Curing & Smoking runs from 10am – 4pm

£60 per person, Discounts are available for group bookings

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April 1st 2017, September 30th 2017

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